Team Race Schedule

Please note that not all races listed here are appropriate for all triathletes. Based on age and race distances—as well as what we know personally about the event—we have made recommendations. Please refer to the key at the bottom. Admittedly this is a bit of an eye chart but we have tried to provide you with as much information as possible.

Do not register for a race marked with an asterisk (*) without speaking with Coach Christy first.

April 5 USAT High School National Championship Tempe, AZ [HPT, C, Coach, *]

April 20 Hagerstown Duathlon Hagerstown, MD [HPT, C]

May 5 East Coast Triathlon Festival Richmond, VA [HPT, C, D, Coach, MER CHAMP, *]

May 19 St. Mary’s Sprint Triathlon St. Mary’s City, MD [HPT, C, Coach, HS, *]

June 1 Frederick Kids Triathlon Middletown, MD [C, D, Coach, MYTRI]

June 2 Pleasant Prairie Elite Cup Pleasant Prairie, WI [HPT, Coach]

June 16 Tri It Sprint Triathlon Bear, DE [HPT, C, Coach, HS, *]

June 29 Monroe Elite Cup, Monroe, WA [HPT, *]

June 26–28 Youth and Junior Skills Camp Westminster, MD [HPT, C, ^]

July TBD TriAtholton Kids Triathlon Columbia, MD [D]

July 4 Firecracker Kids Triathlon Cambridge, MD [D, MER]

July 13 Hagerstown Youth Triathlon Hagerstown, MD [C, D, MYTRI, Coach]

July 14 Flatland Elite Cup West Des Moines, IA [HPT, Coach]

July 14 Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon Hagerstown, MD [HPT, C, Coach TBD, *]

July 21 Columbia Association Kids Triathlon Columbia, MD [HPT, C, D, Coach, USAT, MER, MYTRI, Double, ^]

August 3–4 USAT Youth & Junior National Championship West Chester, OH [HPT, C, D, Coach]

August 10-11 USAT Age Group Sprint National Championship Cleveland, OH [HPT, C, *]

August 18 Luray Sprint Triathlon Luray, VA [HPT, C, Coach TBD, HS *]

August 24 Nottingham Kids Triathlon Mount Airy, MD [HPT, C, D, Coach, MYTRI, MER, ^]

September 8 Diamondman Sprint Triathlon Bear, DE [HS, Coach TBD, *]


HPT Appropriate for High Performance Team
C Appropriate for Competition Team
D Appropriate for Development Team
Coach Coach supported event
* Please speak with Coach Christy before registering
^ Mini Cow Tri owned camp or event
USAT USA Triathlon National Youth Series
MER CHAMP USA Triathlon MidEast Region Youth Championship
MER MidEast Region Youth Series event
MYTRI Maryland Youth Triathlon Series event
Double Mini Cow Double event
HS High School State Championship, high school age triathletes only