Why Cows?

For starters, we wanted our team to be fun and different. And memorable. We also wanted to pay homage to the rural countryside that is our home and training ground. Surrounded by beef and dairy farms, cows seemed like an obvious choice. Once we saw the first renderings of our Swim, Bike, and Run Cows there was no turning back. Plus, the puns are endless.

In the Fall of 2010 we introduced Ghost Cow at the inaugural Kids Adventure Duathlon at Knill’s Farm Market, and in the Spring of 2011 Knight Cow became the new face of the Nottingham Kids Triathlon. Our Swim, Bike, Run, Ghost and Knight Cows were designed by friend of the club Arturo Gigante.

After extensive and completely unscientific focus group testing, in the Spring of 2016 we united our brand under a single identity, Flame Cow. Flame Cow continues to pay homage to our rural roots and bovine neighbors. And while more serious looking, its green flames—representing the three sports of triathlon and standing out in transition areas full of reds, blues and blacks—add a playful twist and are a metaphor for the passion that burns inside our triathletes. Perhaps most importantly, Flame Cow allows us to continue using all our great puns.