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Be sure to scroll down the page for information about our Google team cowendar, practice and weather policies, text alerts, team discounts and more.

Upcoming Races and Registration Links

Please note that not all races listed here are appropriate for all triathletes. Based on age and race distances—as well as what we know personally about the event—we have made recommendations. Please refer to the key at the bottom. Admittedly this is a bit of an eye chart but we have tried to provide you with as much information as possible.

Do not register for a race marked with an asterisk (*) without speaking with Coach Christy first.

April 5 USAT High School National Championship Tempe, AZ [HPT, C, Coach, *]

April 20 Hagerstown Duathlon Hagerstown, MD [HPT, C]

May 5 East Coast Triathlon Festival Richmond, VA [HPT, C, D, Coach, MER CHAMP, *]

May 19 St. Mary’s Sprint Triathlon St. Mary’s City, MD [HPT, C, Coach, HS, *]

June 1 Frederick Kids Triathlon Middletown, MD [C, D, Coach, MYTRI]

June 2 Pleasant Prairie Elite Cup Pleasant Prairie, WI [HPT, Coach]

June 16 Tri It Sprint Triathlon Bear, DE [HPT, C, Coach, HS, *]

June 29 Monroe Elite Cup, Monroe, WA [HPT, *]

June 26–28 Youth and Junior Skills Camp Westminster, MD [HPT, C, ^]

July TBD TriAtholton Kids Triathlon Columbia, MD [D]

July 4 Firecracker Kids Triathlon Cambridge, MD [D, MER]

July 13 Hagerstown Youth Triathlon Hagerstown, MD [C, D, MYTRI, Coach]

July 14 Flatland Elite Cup West Des Moines, IA [HPT, Coach]

July 14 Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon Hagerstown, MD [HPT, C, Coach TBD, *]

July 21 Columbia Association Kids Triathlon Columbia, MD [HPT, C, D, Coach, USAT, MER, MYTRI, Double, ^]

August 3–4 USAT Youth & Junior National Championship West Chester, OH [HPT, C, D, Coach]

August 10-11 USAT Age Group Sprint National Championship Cleveland, OH [HPT, C, *]

August 18 Luray Sprint Triathlon Luray, VA [HPT, C, Coach TBD, HS *]

August 24 Nottingham Kids Triathlon Mount Airy, MD [HPT, C, D, Coach, MYTRI, MER, ^]

September 8 Diamondman Sprint Triathlon Bear, DE [HS, Coach TBD, *]


HPT Appropriate for High Performance Team
C Appropriate for Competition Team
D Appropriate for Development Team
Coach Coach supported event
* Please speak with Coach Christy before registering
^ Mini Cow Tri owned camp or event
USAT USA Triathlon National Youth Series
MER CHAMP USA Triathlon MidEast Region Youth Championship
MER MidEast Region Youth Series event
MYTRI Maryland Youth Triathlon Series event
Double Mini Cow Double event
HS High School State Championship, high school age triathletes only

Google Team Cowendar

Our Google team cowendar includes the days, times, locations, and focus of our Development [D], Competition [C], and High Performance Team [HPT] practices, race registration links and deadlines, and race hotel information where applicable.

Days, times, and locations of practices will vary depending on the team, time of year, and practice focus.

We created a super easy URL to remember when you're away from home, bit.ly/cowendar. You may find the Agenda view, located in the upper right corner of the cowendar, a more user-friendly option.

Practice and Weather Policies

Since Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate with our schedule, here are a few rules of thumb:

  • We will always err on the side of caution.

  • We will give you as much notice as possible about a change in practice due to weather.

  • Any decision to change, delay or cancel practice will be based upon the forecast, not current conditions. We rely on the WeatherBug for our weather information.

  • We will follow local rules in and around water with respect to delays for thunder or lightning.

  • Our High Performance Team will bike in light rain. No team will bike in heavy rain, thunder or lightning.

  • We will run in light rain. No team will run in heavy rain, thunder or lightning.

  • A same day change, delay or cancellation will be sent via our mobile text alert service. See below to opt-in for our mobile text alerts.

Opt-in for Mobile Text Alerts

We have set up a mobile text alert service through RainedOut. This service will be used to communicate important, urgent messages. It will not be used to send reminders.

This service is 100% opt-in and all triathletes, parents, and guardians must self-subscribe. Returning triathletes, parents, and guardians must resubscribe for the 2018 season. There are two simple ways to opt-in for our alerts:

  1. Join on the RainedOut website.

  2. From your mobile phone, text "HERDALERTS" to 84483.

A few important things to note about RainedOut alerts:

  • There is no fee for joining or receiving alerts. However, standard text messaging rates apply.

  • The service is one way, from RainedOut to you.

  • Text alerts will come from the Common Short Code 84483, begin with "FR: Mini Cow Tri," continue with our message, and end with a RainedOut sponsor message/link (RainedOut sponsors provide the funding needed to keep this service free).

  • RainedOut does not collect usernames or any personal information from subscribers.

XTERRA Club Discount

Does your triathlete need a new wetsuit? Are you interested in SUP? Visit our XTERRA team page and use the discount code C-COW to receive 60% off triathlon wetsuits and accessories and 55% off select inflatible paddleboards.

Rudy Project Team Discount

Mini Cow Tri and MC Elite triathletes and families are eligible for some ridiculous discounts on Rudy Project gear. Visit rudyprojectna.com/pages/vip-login and enter the VIP code "minicow".

XX2i Team Discount

Mini Cow Tri and MC Elite triathletes and families are eligible for a 60% discount on XX2i gear. Visit xx2i.com and enter the discount code "minicow" at checkout.

Road ID

We encourage all triathletes to wear an emergency identification wristband while practicing and racing. And while Road ID ended their affiliate program, we're still big fans. If you need a new or replacement Road ID for you or your triathlete visit RoadID.com

Renew a USAT Membership

Need to renew your triathlete's USA Triathlon annual membership? Visit usatriathlon.org. All team members must be USA Triathlon annual members.

Elite Draft-legal Rules

High Performance Team triathletes and parents should educate themselves with the specific equipment and competition rules applied to Youth Elite and Junior Elite draft-legal racing at draftlegalrules.com.

Have a Question?

Coaching, teams, practices, races, equipment: christy@minicowtriclub.com or 443.615.0075
Race registration, race day logistics, USAT membership and rules, website: brian@minicowtriclub.com or 301.524.0777